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You have big broad shoulders, but he is a man. As horan explains, uber cant achieve new levels of cost savings and efficiency (as amazon and ebay did) because neither the fixed costs of providing the service nor network externalities create them

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Note how the quotients 4, 3 and 2 are shown in the picture and also that the gcd is 24 (the side of the smallest squares) if we simplify the continued fraction starting at the lowest part we will find 720168 in its lowest form writing continued fractions (cfs) in the usual way takes up a lots of space so there is a convenient shorthand make a listof the initial integer part (which may be 0) and thenumbers in the denominators (the numerators are always 1)


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Linkedins data to offer employers services that linkedin might like to offer itself. Our computer science fundamental of computing is to compute and apply automation principles to it. One further substitution gives the cyclic repetition of the pattern and we have our final continued fraction for all square-root simple cfs end with a periodic pattern that repeats forever. Especially, its stressful for scholars students when they lack proper guidance while asking for external help, cumulate the stress even more


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