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Forinstance, here is 2 to 200 decimal places (read as text, left to right, line by line) indeed, it is not too difficult to show that, if any decimal fraction ever repeats,then it must be a proper fraction, that is numberhas a decimal fraction that either stops or eventually repeats the same cycle of digits over and over again for ever

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Reflective essays are an essential part of the academics, and the students working in this field are constantly made to write such essays. Unlike many other kinds of essays, writing a reflective essay is a bit more complicated as it requires students to analyze their personal experience, which is a bit harder than talking about some general topics. Their years of experience and in-depth knowledge make them best academic writers in this industry. Is this online behavioral advertisings grey hour? Their opportunity to get ahead before we realize whats going on? One of rauhofers main points is that the latest mantra is, this data exists, it would be silly not to take advantage of it


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Euclid (a greek mathematicians and philosopher of about 300 bc)describes this algorithm in , although it was probably known to the babylonianand egyptian mathematicians of 3000-4000 bc also. Must not be a copy of the introduction in a lab handout. The customer has a commercial need for a dial pointing at a number - but thats not really whats being delivered. Another example is cython to improve the speed of algorithms by transforming python to c code, and cxfreeze to produce a standalone application from your source


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